For all of our products, the topic of sustainability plays a decisive role right from the drawing board. This is also the reason why we obtain the materials for our products from European manufacturers, mainly from Germany, Holland, and Italy. In this way, we can ensure that the applicable environmental and labor regulations are complied with. Moreover, the materials for our products do not need to be shipped around the world.

We also offer a vegan alternative for most of our products. We use leather imitation for our vegan products - no animal substances are used. Our vegan leather imitation can hardly be distinguished from real leather and has the additional advantage that it is significantly more scratch-resistant than real leather.

All of our packaging, i.e. our product packaging and shipping packaging, is FSC® certified. The FSC® seal stands for “Forest Stewardship Council®” and ensures that the material in our packaging comes from forests that are managed sustainably, responsibly and in harmony with nature. (Our license number is FSC® N003678).