Collection: Wallets without coin pocket

Elegant men's wallets and slim wallets made of leather without coin compartment

Discover our large selection of wallets without coin compartments. We offer everything from the classic wallet for men in portrait format without a coin compartment, to intelligently designed slim wallets without a coin compartment, to mini wallets and card holders without a coin compartment. There should be something for everyone. All wallets offer enough space for all banknotes and cards. By omitting the coin compartment, all wallets are very thin and fit perfectly in a trouser pocket. Some wallets have a small coin pocket. However, this is not bulky at all. The coin pocket is also only intended for the temporary storage of coins. If you want to carry coins in your wallet permanently, you should choose one of our wallets with coin pocket.

nano boy jaimie jacobs mini wallet
Jaimie Jacobs Geldbeutel Slimstar with small coin pocket jamy jamie jami jakobs
Jaimie Jacobs Geldbeutel Flap Boy Slim - Magic Wallet without Coin Pocket jamy jamie jami jakobs