The Nano Charger

Never run out of Battery

Saves your ass when you are low on battery. Despite its minimal size our Nano Charger will recharge your smart phone by up to 60% - enough to keep you going. 

The Nano Charger is a power pack designed as a keychain. So you will always have some emergency power in your pocket. Plus it has an integrated charging cable for your device.

The Nano Charger is not only a portable high performance rechargeable battery but also a stylish fashion accessory. It's made out of premium Italian leather characterised by its excellent durability. 

Fashionable Keychain with integrated Power Pack

Everybody knows this situation – you are on your way and you realise that your phone almost ran out of battery. And of course there is no socket close by plus you don’t have a charging cable with you.  But you still need it to make this important last call, to listen to some music, to watch some videos on your way home, to call a cab via an app, … . Bottom line, today's life sucks without your smart phone. 

That’s the reason why we developed the Nano Charger. 

It’s designed as a key chain so that you always carry it with you when you leave the house. It comes with an integrated charging cable so that you don’t have to worry about packing anything else. And despite its super slim format it can recharge your phone by up to 60%.   

The Nano Charger

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